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Company Profile/Go For the Sound !

Music is a medium for a person to realize their thoughts, to speak a language that has no boundaries, to express life’s vast range of emotions. In this endeavor an instrument can be a barrier between the player and the imagination that distorts their true intention, or it can be an effortless extension of the soul. P.Mauriat has given the world a family of saxophones that are not obstacles, but keys that unlock doors in creative minds.
The craftsmanship that goes into a P.Mauriat saxophone is second to none. Our French brass, used in combination with other metals is super resonant because of the extensive hand hammering process it undergoes in our factory. A single saxophone body will be hammered as many as 400 times before it moves on to some one else’s expert hands for the final shaping. Each tone hole is drawn from the saxophone one by one to ensure the precision and consistency required for excellent response and intonation. Our lacquer is applied in three stages to the vintage saxophones to achieve a timeless look that will last through the years. Finally, the hand engraving is masterfully accomplished with nothing other than a simple hand held tool and years of experience. The embodiment of aesthetic beauty and technical precision, P.Mauriat Saxophones have arrived.
P.Mauriat Saxophones are different from all the others because they are hand made from start to finish. Every process that the saxophone is put through, from shaping to lacquering to engraving, is carried out by a living, breathing person. Vibrant life is what sets our saxophones apart; P.Mauriat stands tall and full of color.

To Make the Highest Quality Saxophones with a Priority on Sound at a Reasonable Price

P.Mauriat has set the highest standard in every aspect for our saxophones? We continue to look for ways to improve every aspect, and we listen to comments from our endorsers, professional players and others. We feel that even a great saxophone can be made better and we pledge to continue this on-going process toward bringing the dream horn of the future to the present.
Today's music demands a saxophone that can do it all.Built with quality French brass, the P. Mauriat Saxophones have fantastic response,a big, full, sound, precise intonation and outstanding key action.Line them up against the best,and at a significantly lower cost, the P. Mauriat Custom Class Saxophones will take them all on. These are great saxophones! The company ALBEST MUSICAL with brand "PMAURIAT " on the woodwind instruments and saxophones was established in 1998 by a saxophone enthusiast.


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