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RC Clarinets

Instrument details

The RC clarinet lives up to musicians expectations and gives them great freedom of expression. Developed in 1974 by the extremely talented luthier Robert Carrée, who plays an important role in the history of BUFFET CRAMPON, the RC clarinet has a pure, sweet sound. The exclusive design of the RC bore results in easy response and a homogeneity in all registers. This clarinet, which also has great stability, has won over innumerable musicians throughout Europe.

Models Full Boehm system : 20 keys / 7 rings articulated G#, F# / G# trill, low Eb.

Instrument specifications

Key Bb and A
Pitch A 440 / 442/ 444
Stained choice Grenadilla wood
Bore: Upper joint Poly-cyndrical, lower joint and bell conical
17 keys and 6 rings
Eb lever optional
Stainless steel rods and pivot screws
Double fish skin pads
Available also with full Boehm system: 20 keys / 7 rings articulated G#, F# / G# trill, low Eb
or 19 keys/ 7 rings, articulated G#, F#/G# trill

BC1111 Bb
BC1111L Bb with Eb lever
BC1211 A
BC1211L A with Eb lever
BC1113 Bb
BC1113G Bb
BC1113L Bb with Eb lever
BC1113GL Bb with Eb lever
BC1213 A
BC1213L A with Eb lever
BC1112 Bb
BC1112L wih Eb lever
BC1212 A
BC1512 Eb

Instrument characteristics

  • Hand burnished bore Improve intonation and centers tone
  • Egg-shaped inside bell shape Greater sound emission
  • Conical lower joint and bell Softer tone color and easier response
  • Power forged silver keywork, preplated in copper and finished in silver plate High quality long lasting finish
  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest Adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone holes Improves tone and ease of response


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