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Instrument details

Recommended by music teachers because of their easy response and remarkable accuracy, these clarinets help the musician to develop their musical talent. Our clarinets are made from grenadilla wood. This special wood is found in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania. Grenadilla wood is known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments.

The Buffet Crampon clarinet E10 has the same acoustic and technical characteristics as the E11, but the bell is made from ABS resin. This results in a weight reduction while being able to take advantage of the sound qualities of a wooden clarinet. In combination with a favourable price, the E10 is the ideal choice for the student's change to a wooden clarinet.

Whatever his or her level, the musician will appreciate the feel and the acoustic qualities of BUFFET CRAMPON student clarinets. The bore (internal diameter) has been specially designed to increase easy response, flexibility and even performance in all registers.

E11 Eb
Composers are waiting more and more for the Eb clarinet in order to take advantage of its rich powerful tone. The sound of the whole clarinet family come together in this one instrument previously known and played by professionals only. BUFFET CRAMPON has developed and Eb student model in grenadilla wood. With a bore that allows for easy response this "specialised" instrument can be played by all.

E11 C
This new model has been designed for very young players with their comfort in mind.Teachers recommend this instrument because it promotes correct embouchure. The mouthpiece is the same as that on a Bb clarinet. The ergonomic key design was created specially for younger players.

Instrument specifications

Selected grenadilla wood (E11 and E12)
Bell made from ABS resin (E10)
Silver-plated keywork
Ergonomic key design
Blue steal springs
17 Keys and 6 rings
Eb lever (option)
Solid metal bell ring
Undercut toneholes
Adjustable thumbrest
Double fish skin pads
Buffet Crampon mouthpiece
Buffet Crampon ligature
E12: same features as E11, with a more sophisticated bore
Equipped with clarinet clamps

Instrument characteristics

  • Selected Grenadilla wood (E11 and E12) Finest and most balanced sound projection
  • Silver plated keys Long lasting finish. Comfortable to the touch
  • Ergonomic key design Improved playing comfort like that of a professional clarinet
  • Adjustable thumb rest Adjustable for optimum comfort
  • Undercut tone holes Improves tone and ease of response
  • High quality pads and cleanly processed tone hole surfaces Excellent air tightness and easy response
  • Clainet clamps Better protection during transport and better sealing of the toneholes


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