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Bari Sax Mouthpieces


B95 Bari Sax Mouthpiece

Manufacturer: Vandoren    Instrument: Bari Sax-mouthpiece-B95

Additional Information: V5 Ebonite Baritone Saxophone mouthpiece features a flat baffle, small roun   More Info…


$ 373.95

$ 299.16


Bari Sax BS5C Mouthpiece

Manufacturer: Yamaha    Instrument: Bari Sax-mouthpiece-BS5C

Additional Information: The standard plastic mouthpiece offered by Yamaha is a great starter piece.   More Info…


$ 69.95

$ 55.96


Bari Sax Mouthpiece Cap

Manufacturer: Rovner    Instrument: Bari Sax-mouthpiece-Mouthpiece Cap

Additional Information: The only cap designed specifically to fit the Rovner ligatures.   More Info…


$ 5.75

$ 5.75


Bari Sax Pro Mouthpiece

Manufacturer: SR-Tech    Instrument: Bari Sax-mouthpiece-Pro

Additional Information: Baritone Pro: Moderate baffle and large throat produce a rich warm tone, re   More Info…


$ 495.00

$ 371.25


Bari Sax S-80 Mouthpiece

Manufacturer: Selmer    Instrument: Bari Sax-mouthpiece-S-80

Additional Information: Machined from hard rod rubber to assure stability, accuracy, and consistent   More Info…


$ 409.95

$ 327.96

all prices and availability subject to change with out notice. items shipped in 7-10 days.

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